I’m Melissa Stringham Frady, a licensed massage therapist with a private practice in Livingston, Montana. My desire is for each of us to be living a healthy vibrant life where we can fully participate in the activities that mean the most to us.

If your quality of life has been impacted by pain, a health condition, injury or stress; research shows that massage therapy can help. Please visit the Benefits of Massage page for more specific information on how massage can help you feel better.

In my massage therapy practice I work with a wide variety of people that include: desk jockeys, ranchers, weekend warriors, trades workers, stay at home moms and active retirees. All have a desire for greater health and simply want to feel their best.

I listen well and encourage you to take an active part in your treatment by providing feedback so that each massage is customized to your specific needs.

Take a look around the site to see what I have to offer. Call or email me to ask questions or to schedule your appointment. I look forward to working with you!

Health & Happiness,